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About me:

I'm based in the Inland Empire of So. Cal. I'm a teacher by day and photographer on school nights and weekends. I've been taking pictures since high school and in college I set up a darkroom in an extra bathroom. Ah, the days of film and chemicals...


As a kid I'd listen to my records and flip through issues of Circus and Creem magazines, squinting to read the photo credits: Mick Rock, Lynn Goldsmith, Neil Zlowzower, Bob Gruen, Neal Preston, Fin Costello...too many to name. I then became fascinated with the movie Eyes of Laura Mars and decided I wanted to become a photographer.


To me photography isn't so much about being technically perfect, but more about capturing the attitude and energy of a person or event. 


I use Sony mirrorless cameras and my trusty Sony RX100 III and V. 

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